Monday, 21 March 2016

Awesome Google Search Tricks

Am glad to introduce you to some keywords you need to type in google to see awesome effects being injected and executed from google. Just type any of the following keyword mentioned below and press I’m Feeling Lucky. Few of these also work without pressing the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

Image result for google

  • let it snow (awesome snow effect) 
  • google gravity (things start falling down) 
  • elggog (amazing mirror effect) 
  • do a barrel roll (a nice barrel roll attempted) 
  • who’s awesome 
  • tilt (webpage in 3D) 
  • who is the cutest (cute reviewed) 
  • google loco (someone starts moving) 
  • lol limewire (awesome picture) 
  • epic google 
  • rainbow google 
  • annoying google 
  • google pacman 
  • google heart page 
  • google magic 
  • google (color name) 
  • epic box 
  • $exy snape 
  • google sphere 
  • weenie google 
  • Atari Breakout (play the atari game with images) 
  • Set  a Timer Stopwatch (starts a timer stop watch) 
  • Flip Coin (flips coins for Heads or Tails) 
  • Check Weather 
  • Calculator 
  • Roll a Dice 
  •  Get love Quotes 


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